Alberta Remembers Book

“Karen put together the team for Alberta Remembers Recalling Our Rural Roots. The book title was suggested by family friend and photographic artist, Morry Katz. Dr. Daniel Gallacher (Curator Emeritus Canadian Museum of Civilisation) and Ms. Jane Ross (Curator Emeritus of Western Canadian History, Royal Alberta Museum) were each invited to write a forward for the volume. Ken Tingley, one of Alberta’s premier independent historians and author was invited to write the text. Red Deer Press, now an imprint of Fitzhenry and Whiteside, accepted Karen’s proposal to publish the volume. The book can be purchased / ordered on line from book stores.”

2005     “Alberta Remembers Recalling Our Rural Roots”.  Paintings  by  Karen Brownlee, Text by Kenneth Tingley.  128 full color full page reproductions of  the  artists’ Rural Prairie Communities” series.  ISBN 0-88995-325 -2 cloth.

Alberta Remembers Book Cover
Alberta Remembers Book Cover

“A series of watercolours that are evocative, vivid and, at times, impressionistic” Edmonton Journal

Available at the University of Lethbridge bookstore, and other book venues

“Poignant watercolours….A must-have for its artistic beauty, historical interest and a memory of ever changing rural life.  Lethbridge Living”